Slogan of VAKOOU

American Vakoou , build strong driving force energy trousers;
American Vakoou , restore men’s vigor healthy trousers;
American Vakoou , brings men’s desired energy;
American Vakoou , brings men’s desired health.

About America Vakoou

"The United States Viagra pants - VAKOOU " is the U.S. military health insurance agency - the United States, New York Academy of Sciences, a joint United States Vouglas physical life and physical health Men VAKOOU research institutes, a collection of pathology, meridian science, functional genomics, magnetic and other physical medicine the world's most outstanding 31 top experts to conduct a "Men's Health and the battlefield environment," special topic research, the project lasted five years and cost 20 billion.
According to U.S. official disclosed: In order to meet battlefield needs, the U.S. military Tactical Training, more in hot deserts, hot and humid rain forest, ocean climate, ice and snow and other environments, a training for a short while a few days, as long as several months, conditions are very poor, which In the ordinary people, almost unbearable. At each training session because a period in the cold damp environment, the impact for the male reproductive system is very large. Many soldiers appeared lower body wet, itching, odor, swelling, urinary discomfort, mental atrophy extravagant, fatigue and other male physical diseases.
The U.S. military confirmed that soldiers wear, the VAKOOU can effectively prevent harsh environment of the prostate, testicles and other reproductive system abuse, protect the men, the "Golden Triangle" of the physical health, and without any side effects. All across the VAKOOU soldiers are reflected lower body cool and dry, no smell, urinating strong, markedly enhanced physical strength and energy to restore past power! In 2007, after the VAKOOU civilian, because it can quickly improve a variety of prostate symptoms, enhance male system, to stimulate male power, by the U.S. men of all ages.
VAKOOU recommended by United States, "Journal of Life Sciences," as the ultimate contribution Men's Health Award, the U.S. association of male physical health only recommended products, the nation's best-selling men's health products. "The New York Times," "Time magazine," "Esquire", "Washington Post", the United States BBC television, and other major U.S. media coverage, calling it a milestone in changing the male physical health!
Once VAKOOU marketed in United Sates, it gets a man's pursuit as healthy fashion, magical full protection of the space magnetic male Golden Triangle area, easy to eliminate male disease, enhance male power, health intensive fine, strong back, to reproduce the male glory. Whether a Hollywood celebrities, or Wall street business entrepreneur, they are wearing the VAKOOU ; from the United States, to England, to China, VAKOOU sales miracle of enduring!.

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